KGB'secrets 1.5

KGB'secrets will let you train your memory using KGB techniques
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KGB'secrets is a program that will let you train your memory using KGB techniques.
This program will begin testing your memory by placing two chess pieces on a 4x4 board, and will tell you to remember their position. When you think you are done, you must press the OK button, and then drag the pieces on the proper place. If everything´s OK, the program will move the pieces, and you will have to remember their position again. If your answer is wrong, the program will tell you that your will not be able to become an agent, but will not show you the right answer, and will keep asking you other puzzles.

During the second level, you will have to remember the right possition of three pieces on a 5x5 board. The difficulty will increase by a piece, a row and a column addition for each new level. Each level will contain five puzzles, that you will need to complete properly to go to the next level.

You can play with the evaluation version of this program for free for ten days. You will be able to play just the first two levels. You will not be able to customize the program, either.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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